Northern Rockies Cycling

Northern Rockies Cycling
Jacobson-Schutte Racing is a USAC bike racing team based in Missoula that competes in Montana, Northwest region and National races. The team's name comes from it's title sponsor: Dr Justin Jacobson and Dr. Mike Schutte. Both of Northern Rockies Orthopedic. Currently there are 30 riders on the team ranging from Pro Cat 1 men to entry level Cat 5's. JS Racing is committed to racing at a competitve level as well as promoting USAC races, events, training races, team training rides, and development clinics.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Roubaix success!

Well, another Roubaix went down today. The green machine kicked it in high gear for some top place finishes! One of our most dedicated new riders Josh Martell placed 2nd in the Cat 5 field. Peter Young finished in 2nd place in the Cat 4 field, Lindsy Campbell found a gear that no other women had today and finished strong in first place in the Women's 1/2/3 field, and Jamie, one of our newest riders took home a sweet 1st place finish for the Cat 4 women. Last but certainly not least, the Men 1/2 sounds like there was some incredible teamwork done amongst them with Josh Tack putting the hurt on the field time and time again, and Dan V. and Shaun Radley hammering to place them in 1st and 2nd respectively. Phew! You guys are killing it this year and it demonstrates what solid teamwork can accomplish in this sport.

I'd like to thank all the riders who braved the Missoula winter weather to race today. It hasn't been a very forgiving winter/spring, and I was glad to see the 85+riders who came out. I'd also like to thank our two major sponsors for making 2011 start off to a great season: Northern Rockies Orthopedic, & Big Sky Bikes. You help put smiles on our faces!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

NRO doing well at Cherry Blossom

This is a picture of Lindsy working it at Cherry Blossom! Go Linds! She finished 15th in the Cat 1-2 field at yesterday's 75 mile Road race. In the men's field, Brian Williams finished 6th (can't wait to hear all about it) as Josh Tack and Dan V. also rode in within a minute of him! Way to go everyone! More to come as they have 3 more stages left to go! Today: TT and Crit! Keep riding strong everyone!
On a side note...Frozen Flatlands is today and tomorrow. Looks like the name will hold up to itself! Anxious to see how people do!