Northern Rockies Cycling

Northern Rockies Cycling
Jacobson-Schutte Racing is a USAC bike racing team based in Missoula that competes in Montana, Northwest region and National races. The team's name comes from it's title sponsor: Dr Justin Jacobson and Dr. Mike Schutte. Both of Northern Rockies Orthopedic. Currently there are 30 riders on the team ranging from Pro Cat 1 men to entry level Cat 5's. JS Racing is committed to racing at a competitve level as well as promoting USAC races, events, training races, team training rides, and development clinics.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Frozen Flatlands lives up to its name

Despite some chilly weather, Missoula had a fine turnout for the Frozen Flatlands omnium in Spokane April 5 and 6. Attached is a slide show of photos from the circuit race. It was good to see lots of green (NRO) and orange (TS/5VV) in evidence.

Riding the speedway course was awesome. The fast curves were soooo fun. The weather was fine for the riders if a little cold and wet for officials and spectators.

No such complaints about the weather for the Rocky Mountain Roubaix April 13 in Frenchtown. Thanks to all who turned out to race or volunteer on the course. It was beautiful.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yellowstone roads starting to open for cyclists

Weather permitting, Yellowstone roads are cleared for riding -- and free of cars -- from Mammoth to Madison via Norris. On weekends, you can enter and exit from West Yellowstone. That means you could ride the full 54 miles from Gardiner to West Yellowstone (and back again if you're aching for a century ride.)

If you've never ridden in Yellowstone before the cars come, it can be a remarkable wonderland. The road from Gardiner to Cooke City is open all winter to wheeled traffic and so can be a bit busy, but this western road will only have maintenance vehicles, wildlife and you on it and the views are fabulous. This photo is from a snow coach this winter.

Be prepared to take care of your own maintenance, food and weather needs because help might be a long time coming. Otherwise, think about it. I'll be checking it out next week and will report back.

-- Nadia

Friday, February 22, 2008

Women's Clinic April 26 in Helena

Jane O’Driscoll, MBRA Women’s Coordinator is working on putting on a clinic for new women races or those who want a refresher on the road:

MBRA will be sponsoring and putting on “Intro to Women’s Bicycle Racing in MT” Clinic again this spring to help promote women in racing, grow our numbers, and promote the Cat 4 Challenge series. The clinic date is Saturday April 26 again in Helena. It will be a one day only event this year. Montana Velo has not yet expressed interest in putting on a RR on that Sunday (April 27) but even if they do, we will not be part of their event. Participants in the clinic may choose to stay to race on Sunday if MT Velo decides to put on a race that day, but it is currently not part of the calendar.