Northern Rockies Cycling

Northern Rockies Cycling
Jacobson-Schutte Racing is a USAC bike racing team based in Missoula that competes in Montana, Northwest region and National races. The team's name comes from it's title sponsor: Dr Justin Jacobson and Dr. Mike Schutte. Both of Northern Rockies Orthopedic. Currently there are 30 riders on the team ranging from Pro Cat 1 men to entry level Cat 5's. JS Racing is committed to racing at a competitve level as well as promoting USAC races, events, training races, team training rides, and development clinics.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A spectacular Cyclocross Clinic opportunity!

Ok - believe it or not, Cyclocross season is just around the barrier - Oh- I mean corner. A few of your teammates and other avid Cross riders are putting on a great clinic for riders of all abilities to partake in! There will be many experienced riders hosting this event (both men and women), and not to mention, it's free! Check it out! Hopefully you can make it!

Sunday, September, 12th 2010

Directions: Fort Missoula. From Reserve Street turn SW on South Ave, left on
CCC Road, go for about a 1⁄2 mile and look for parking on your right near the
“train station.”


10:00am – 10:30am – Registration, Welcome, Introductions, and split into groups

10:40am – 11:00am – Station #1 – Equipment (Dave Hartman)

11:05am – 11:25am – Station #2 – Training, Race Prep (Elliot Bassett)

11:30am – 11:50am – Station #3 – Starts, Cornerning, Running(Toby
Meierbachtol & John Fiore)

11:55am – 12:15pm – Station #4 – Barriers (Alex Gallego)

12:20pm – 1:00pm – Lunch and Q&A session

1:15pm – 1:45pm – 20 minute optional course ride – A, B, and C categories
(Not Scored)

2:00pm – Send off

Rules: Racers must wear helmets while racing and warming up/down.

What to bring: Bike (Mountain or Cyclocross), sack lunch, helmet, water

Fees: The clinic is free.

Questions: Contact John Fiore 406-544-4528 or Shaun Radley 406-544-5270

Meet Lindsy Campbell

Lindsy is our well deserved rider of the month. She has excelled not only in the collegiate community, she has done well in Montana as well. Her enthusiasm, free spirit, and enthusiasm for cycling is infectious. We are so glad she rides for NRO! Thanks Lindsy!

Here's a little bit about her...

First time you knew you had bike fever?
I think it was my seventh birthday when I got my first "real" bike. It was a red Trek with gold cougar paws on it. The best part of the present was a book that my dad wrote called "Little Red Riding Cap" which was a spin off of "Little Red Riding Hood". In the book I was the heroine who wore a red baseball cap backwards instead of a hood and beat up on the big bad wolf in a number ways before riding away like badass on my bicycle. I was such a tomboy... still am.
Most memorable ride:
Just a couple of weeks ago I was visiting my sister in Rising Sun, GNP. I brought my bike and decided to ride back to my car in C-Falls on the last day. I took the long way through East Glacier not realizing how far it was. I completed the 130 mile ride nine hours later (there was a head wind the whole way) totally exhausted, starving, and really sunburnt. It was a good time.
Favorite ride:
Saguaro East outside of Tucson, AZ. It's like single track for a road bicycle.

Favorite bike:
My favorite bike is one that don't have yet but will own someday. Not sure on the details right now but it will be light and quick and will win lots of races.

Who and/or what inspires you?:
Lots of things but mostly having so many great friends to train with. Living with two other really motivated athletes has been very helpful. When you don't have to sneak around at 5:30 am because the rest of the house is up grinding coffee and getting ready for their first workout everything is a lot easier!